Project Description


Gaba is one of 2010’s most prestigious projects for our office whereby our strength in interior design detailing is clearly felt in the new 5-storey outstanding premises at Iklin.
The main concept behind the design was to create differently designed levels that carefully bring out the beauty of the items being displayed depending on the department set on the particular floor being: Level 0 Silver, Level 1 Household, Level 2 Gold, Level 3 Diamond and Level 4 Offices . We worked closely with the client to incorporate the practical requirements with respect to item display, storage and customer comfort.
The entrance was designed with class in mind. The use of marble and natural stone gives a sense of class whilst the fibre optic chandelier with a mirrorred background and a custom designed collection of diamond shaped glass mounted on the black wall cladding make the space chic and in tune with the nature of the business.

The ground floor, a high flow customer area selling silver, young items was given a very dynamic feel by creating strong lines and contrast with the use of dark timber and glossy white highlights. This effect brings out the shine in the highly reflective silver items. Mirror at the end of the shop give a sense of depth and multiplies the items being displayed.
The mezzanine, a household department, was designed to display larger objects. A large angled backlit poster sets the scene allowing the shop manager to change the main item focus as new models are launched. The large square shaped units were designed to display full dinner sets taking into account all the necessary dimensions and necessary lighting. The dark side of the shop was detailed to display the smaller decorative elements in the house such as silver frames, candle holders etc. Two glass screens provide a private customer area at the back of the shop whilst a slanting timber wall displays the varied selection of cutlery. Glass covered freestanding elements fill the centre of this floor whilst displaying the smaller household items. Carefully designed drawers pull these items out.
Level 2, The Gold level is set to bring out the colour of gold with the use of dark black and walnut timber. Carefully designed lighting bring out the objects.

Level 3, The Diamond Department, was designed to portray the ultimate in class, value and perfection. The use of high tech glass, highly polished stainless steel, gloss surfaces and angles bring out the value of the perfectly cut stone. A workshop at the back of the floor displays the art of cutting allowing the customer to experience the creation of the valuable gem he/she is about to purchase. A comfortable waiting area and office on the front allow the trained staff to display the variety of luxury items being sold.